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JavaExe can launch your Java application from an .exe, as if it is a Windows application, or a system service, or a Control Panel, or a screen saver.
It is also possible to provide your Java application with a JRE to make it self whatever the configuration of the client system.

Key Features of JavaExe :

It is quite simply enough to copy JavaExe.exe (and JavaExe.cpl for a Control Panel, or JavaExe.scr for a Screen Saver) in your directory containing the Java application, then to give him the same name as your main .class or .jar.

JavaExe.exe is provided with a console version, JavaExe_console.exe, to allow have a console DOS to print on standard output. All that will be said on JavaExe.exe apply to JavaExe_console.exe.

The .class or .jar must be in the same directory as the .EXE or in a directory named by default "resource" has to create on the same level as the .EXE

JavaExe isn't an independent executable of a JDK or of a JRE, it is necessary to have installed at least a Java Runtime Environment (JRE). If JavaExe doesn't detect a JDK or JRE, it will open an Internet browser to the Sun's website to download the current JRE.

You can provide a JRE with your application. In this case, you must put it in a directory named "jre", itself in the directory of the EXE or the directory "resource".

It's possible to specify which minimum version of Java you wish to use to launch your application. For that you must create a file,, bearing the same name as the main .class or .jar (as for the renaming of JavaExe.exe).
This file contains 12 properties used by JavaExe :
There can be other properties if your application uses this same file for its own needs.

to see the complet doc :

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You are free to use them and provide them with your applications you want to distribute, that they are freeware, shareware or commercial. Only DevWizard is authorized to make an unspecified modification to JavaExe and UpdateRsrcJavaExe.

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